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PET Bottle Cleaning & Processing Line

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The PET (polyester) bottle washing & recycling line, also known as mineral water bottle crushing & washing equipment, PET mineral water bottle crushing, washing & recycling equipment, PET polyester bottle washing & processing line equipment, plastic bottle crushing, washing, drying & processing line, is a whole set of processing equipment suitable for removing label, crushing, washing, drying and packing waste PET bottles (various kinds of plastic bottles such as mineral water bottle, cola bottle etc.). This recycling line is a perfect solution to process above mentioned waste PET plastic bottles into polyester bottle flakes, which will produce recyclable high-quality PET bottle flakes. The high-quality PET bottle flakes processed by the equipment can be used in producing PET long-fiber products such as PET recyclable polyester and other high-quality PET relevant products. This production line is appearance charming, energy-consumption low, output high, practical and reliable. Brand-new rinsing device can satisfy crushing and washing requirements, thus greatly improving production efficiency, and meeting top-level cleaning requirements. 

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