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LDPE Film / PP Woven Bag Crushing, Cleaning & Processing Line

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LDPE film / PP woven bag crushing, washing & recycling line is also known as waste film crushing & washing equipment, PE agricultural film and mulching film crushing, recycling & processing equipment, LDPE waste film washing & processing line equipment, polyethylene LDPE processing equipment, PP woven bag, jumbo bag and plastic woven bag crushing, cleaning & processing line equipment. Through our constant exploration and practice, on the basis of introducing and assimilating advanced theories and technologies from home and abroad, and together with the current development requirements, our company has successfully resolved the problems of larger work amount and water consumption in cleaning waste film (such as agricultural film, mulching film, packaging film, garbage film etc.) through this processing line, researched and developed a crushing and cleaning line specially target at high sediment content films such as agricultural film, mulching film etc., which can dramatically improve output and decrease water and electricity consumption. The processes, including bale breaking, primary crushing, litter removing, fine crushing, washing, dehydrating and granulating, all can be fully automated in this processing line, and finished granules can largely achieve quality standard for new product. This can be widely used in film blowing, molding, extrusion, granule processing and so on. 

This processing line is used to process waste plastics such as LDPE films and PP woven bags, which can be made into recyclable granules after running through crushing, washing and granulating, improving resource recycling rate and bringing considerable profit. This processing line consists of conveyor, crusher, friction washer, washing tank, chain digger feeder, squeezing dryer, granulator and electrical control cabinet. It processes and recycles waste plastics with simple and efficient operation, high efficiency, environment friendly and energy-saving.

Waste film in balebale breakingprimary crushinglitter removingfine crushing-- first washing separatingrinsingdehydratinggranulatingfinished LDPE granule