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ABS/PS Waste Chassis Crushing, Cleaning & Processing Line

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ABS/PS waste chassis crushing, washing & processing line is also known as ABS/PS waste chassis crushing, washing & processing line, waste household appliances shell processing equipment, waste plastic shell (refrigerator and air-conditioner shell) processing line equipment, TV shell processing line, refrigerator shell processing line, air-conditioner shell processing line, computer shell recycling line, motorbike shell recycling line, motor shell recycling line, rubber shell crushing and recycling equipment. This recycling line is mainly used to process motor interior and exterior decoration plastic parts, hollow barrel, waste logistics tray, household appliances shell (ABS/PS depainting and cleaning). Specific processing schemes can be designed in line with different material characteristics. It fully takes energy-saving and environment-protection into consideration for clients, adopts different procedures for different processing requirement of different waste plastics, and provides matched sorting conveyor belt, high-speed cleaner, self-adhesive label removing on the surface of plastics, metal separator, treatment system for water circulation, etc.

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