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PC Disk De-painting and De-plating Recycle Processing Line

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PC disc de-painting and de-plating recycle processing line is also known as PC disk de-painting recycling processing line, waste disk recycle, waste disk de-plating and de-painting recycle processing equipment, PC disk crushing, washing and processing equipment, disc material de-plating and de-painting processing procedure. This processing line is mainly used to recycle and process waste disc materials, de-paint and de-plate the oil paint, printing ink, electroplated layer on the disc, and then process into transparent and clean PC fragments. It fully takes energy-saving and environment-protection into consideration for clients, adopts different procedures for different processing requirement of different waste plastics, and provides matched sorting conveyor belt, disc crushing machine, powerful friction machine, rinsing separator, high temperature immersion pan, potion separator, dehydrator, potion filter etc.