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Dongguan CRSTA Machinery Co., Ltd.

We can not only provide reliable equipment, but also dedicated to our customers to provide comprehensive professional and technical services, to bring you excellent project experience. 

 Pre-sale service:

According to the special requirements of customers and production and processing budget, our experts can provide customers with efficient and reliable product solutions, our machine production will also follow the customer's order needs. Customers can visit our production shop before placing an order. Due to country differences, many of the first time I visited my company's foreign customers will feel a little inconvenience. I will be for each company to arrange a dedicated business car, translators, etc., thus to resolve their worries.


After-sales service:

In the telephone or Internet communication, experienced technical guidance is necessary. At the same time, our company will also send experienced engineers to the processing site to help customers install the production line, and to the local production workers to provide some necessary training on the routine maintenance of the machine.

CRVTA aftermarket services mainly by a number of well-trained staff and installation engineers. Which is the installation engineer CRVTA professional team members, they are at the strategic level in the service of my company at home and abroad the majority of customer groups.