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PE Film PP Bags Crushing Washing Recycling production line

classification:LDPE Film Recycling System

product description:Agricultural PE films, Recovered films from MSW or MRF's,Films recovered from Landfills, and post-industrial or post-consumer films,Big jumbo bags and woven bags.


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PE Film PP Bags Crushing Washing Recycling production line · product descriptionThe product description

PE Film PP Bags Crushing Washing Recycling production line


PE agricultural film(Plastic film, agricultural film, greenhouse film)

PE household waste film (plastic bags, shopping bags, garbage bags film)

PE industrial waste film (stretching film)

PP woven bag(Cement bag, snakeskin bag, ton bag, space bag)


Product description

PE film / PP woven bag crushing washing recycling line is mainly used for waste PE agricultural film (ground film, agricultural film, greenhouse film), PE household waste film (plastic bag, shopping bag, garbage bag film), PE industrial waste film (stretch film ), PP woven bags (cement bags, snakeskin bags, ton bags, space bags) washing and recycling. As for agricultural film and woven bags with large sand content, after preshredding, make large rolls of waste film and woven bags into small pieces and then trommel sorting and sand removing pretreatment , and then wet crush into small pieces with water, and then friciton washing strongly with a special high-speed friction washing machine to remove most of the sediment on the surface of the material. discharge into a squeezing dryer to dry. The washed and dried PE film and PP woven bag can be made into pellet, which can be reused by injection molding.



 Newly designed crusher for plastic PE film and woven bag, no material twine knife , fast material feeding, stable performance.

◆ Pre-shredding and pre-washing system removes a large percentage of abrasive materials (sand, grit etc.) to protect the rest of the system.

 Shredding system is designed specifically for film materials to create a uniform particle size which is easy for washing and drying.

 High speed washing system optimized according to the specific material type liberates and separates contamination from film flakes.

◆ Under water force-washing paddles in our washing tanks maximize the washing efficiency.

◆ Our drag chain discharge device regulates the material discharge speed and minimizes the water volume sent to the drying process with the product.

◆ With large-diameter V-shaped butterfly valve is used at the bottom of the floating tank, which is convenient to clean up the dirt on the bottom of the tank, no need to replace the entire water, easy to maintain.

 Intelligent system automation ensures that components actions are sequenced and monitored.

 Adopt circulating water to ensure the washing effect and reduce water consumption.

 Shredding, high speed washing and drying stages are optimized to avoid over processing which can cause material loss.

 The production line can equip with a sewage and waste water treatment system to recycle and reuse the sewage precipitation and filtration, so as to meet the environmental standards and solve your worries.



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