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PC disc de-plating paint processing line

classification:PC De-plating Recycling System

product description:PC disc de-painting and recycling processing production line is also known as PC disc to paint cleaning production line, waste disc recycling processing, waste disc de-painting and recycling processing line equipment, PC disc material grinding and processing equipment, disc material de-plating stripping Production process, this set of cleaning and recycling production line is mainly used in waste PC disc materials...


+86-135 5978 8816

PC disc de-plating paint processing line · product descriptionThe product description

PC disc de-plating paint processing line


PC drinking fountain container

PC automobile lampshade

CD list disk

Product description

The PC washing recycling line is used for daily water dispenser  container, car lampshade and CD ligth disk crushing washing recycling. Firstly, wet crush waste PC material  into small pieces,  and  frction washing at high speed to remove dirts on the surface, then heating at high temperature to remove the oi, glue, sticky label, ink and electroplated layer on the surface of the material. Finally, with fresh water rinse wash, clean and dry. The clean and dried PC flakes meet the first-grade engineering raw materials standard and can be directly used as engineering raw materials and make it to pellets.




 Thecrushing system is wear resistant design to maximize the consistent running of the system and minimize operational costs.

High speed washing system with corresponding speed according to material type liberates contamination from plastic flakes.

 Intelligent system automation ensures that components actions are sequenced and monitored.

 Adopt circulating water to ensure the washing effect and reduce water consumption.

 Crushing, washing and drying is set at suitable intensity to avoid over friction and cause material loss (fines creation).

 The production line can equip with a sewage and waste water treatment system to recycle and reuse the sewage precipitation and filtration, so as to meet the environmental standards and solve your worries.


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