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Squeezing machine

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product description:♣ Application of LDPE PP Plastic Film Squeezing Dryer Machine It is used to dry washed soft plastic film, such as PP jumbo bag, PE agricultural film and nylon film/bags in PE PP crushing washing recycling plant.The internal screw extrudes soft materials spirally, and effectively controls discharging speed and extruding strength at alligator mouth exit, leading to moisture around 5%. After extruding, soft materials change into block or round state, beneficial for following pelletizer’s feeding.


+86-131 2989 1688

Squeezing machine · product descriptionThe product description

Squeezing machine

♣ Main Features and advantanges of LDPE Film PP bag squeezing dryer:

1-The filer screen in the squeezing chamber is made of stainless steel, with the function of corrosion resistance and rustproof.
2-The filter screen are specially designed to prevent plastic material from clogging.
3-The final moisture of the material which are extruded by the dryer is about 5%.
4-This machine is not only with high capacity but also with low energy consumption. It will help you reduce the cost and improve productivity.

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