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PET Bottle Label Removing Machine

classification:Round PET Bottle Label Remover

product description:Introduction of PET Bottle Label Removing Machine: It mainly applies to remove label from plastic PET bottle automatically, indispensable part before PET bottles crushing and further washing.It completely changes the previous way of removing the label by manual work,with high efficiency, energy-saving, convenient operation and easy daily maintenance, while label removing rate amounting to 98% or more. greatly improved the productivity and reducing the labor intensity. After PET plastic bottles entering into feeding mouth, use sharp hard alloy knife teeth to gash a cut on the labels, forming a certain angle between blades welded on the spindle and spindle centerline and rotating with the helix, will convey bottles to the discharge end, and then cutter blade peels the label. Using wind energy to separate is environmental friendly. The bottle and label will automatically separated.


+86-131 2989 1688

PET Bottle Label Removing Machine · product descriptionThe product description

PET Bottle Label Removing Machine

Features of PET bottle label removing machine:


1.Higher label removing rate>98%
2.With double layer blade teech,more durable and longer service life.
3.Very few bottle neck broken
4.The knife board make a long groove by milling machine,blades gap is adjustable
5.Strong steel made
6.Friction teeth plate and screw is long-time wear-resistance and replaceable.

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