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About medical waste disposal issues

Back source: Plastic Industry News Release date: 2019-11-07 14:30:20

Waste medical waste plastics recycling processing line equipment is mainly used for the processing and recycling of medical waste plastics, such as recycling, crushing and cleaning, pulp separation, rubber and plastic separation, dehydration and drying, and regeneration granulation. Medical non-prohibited waste plastics are: disposable plastic utensils (including plastic infusion bags, infusion bottles, salt water bottles, drip bottles, point tube bags) that have not been contaminated by the patient's blood, body fluids, and excreta. After sorting and crushing, Pure “medical grade recycled polypropylene PP” can be produced by collecting residual chemicals, cleaning and removing pulp labels, separating rubber and aluminum caps, separating bag (bottle) body and bag (bottle) mouth, separating foamed polyurethane and other nearly eight processes. Medical grade recycled composite film granules, polyisoprene rubber and foamed polyurethane can be remanufactured up to the second level of plastic raw material industry, and can be used for all industrial purposes except for food and pharmaceutical packaging.